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As we head towards the end of the year. There are massive recruitment conducted by NGOs, Consultancy, UN, UNDP, World Bank, international development community, UNESCO, UNAIDS, WHO, USAID etc. Key Qualification One of the key qualification they always look at is PROJECT MANAGEMENT. You can expect an average minimum salary of Ksh 180,000 per month working […]

Career Suicide: Dj Creme’s Sex Tape

George Njuguna popularly known as Dj Creme De La Creme is with no doubt the biggest names in the local Showbiz. He has become a household name in the country over the past 5 years. Said to be richest Dj around, Creme has always been on the forefront to support local talent unlike most of […]

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Companies, Corporates, HR managers, NGOs and potential employers are now searching our Online CV for you. Register your CV on our Online CV Database in 3 simple Steps Click on this link Sign up. Fill in your Professional Detail. Benefits Get contacted by potential employers. (Top employers see list below) Apply for a jobs […]

How to apply for a Job once, and get it.

Have you applied for many JOBS and got NO response? The problem might be your CV. Your CV is the most important document in any job search. But what if you’re submitting CV after CV and receiving no results at all — not even a call? Your CV may be fatally flawed. How can a […]

Free Career Development Training Videos

Free Career Development Training Videos Guide, Direct and Influence Your Career Path Finally, learn what REALLY works (and doesn’t) to get your career back on track. Here are some helpful Videos for you Executive Career Planning & Performance Development What is a Professional Development Plan? 10 Steps to Create Your Professional Development Plan

How To Succeed in a Job Interview

Careerpoint Solutions Interview Coaching Program Today’s interviews are tougher than ever with employers drawing upon more rigorous techniques to ensure they choose the best candidate for the role. Assessment Centres, Panel Interviews and Situational Interviewing are commonplace and often highly daunting for applicants. So how can you prepare for these contemporary interview forums and enter the […]

Discovery College of Chinese Language and Business

Discovery College of Chinese Language and Business We provide a well structured and nurturing environment for learning Chinese language and culture that incorporate all students from all backgrounds and ages. In Take In Progress……..ENROLL NOW Courses: School of Chinese Language Part time and full time comprehensive Chinese tutoring Chinese for communication only Business Chinese Intensive […]