5 Common Reasons People Get Fired (and How to Easily Avoid Them)

1. Stealing Company Equipment It sounds like a no-brainer, but take a step back and you might see some less-obvious transgressions. Think no one’ll notice if you take a stack of printer paper home every week? If you accidentally “lose” your mouse and need to expense another of each? If you pocket snacks, and tea […]

How to Make Your Phone Feel New Again in 15 Minutes or Less

5 Minutes Delete any apps you haven’t used in 90 days. Be ruthless; remember, you can always download any you end up missing. De-clutter your screen by grouping apps by category (such as fitness, finance, social media, or games). Choose a fresh new background image. Still have time? Free up storage space by deleting old […]

How to Make Yourself Indispensable to Your Boss

Do Your Job (and Do It Well) This isn’t a particularly exciting tip (sorry), but it’s the foundation for everything else: Fulfilling every last one of your job responsibilities with minimal oversight and ideally, far better than your predecessor. Yes, this includes the less-exciting parts of your role (think those monthly expense reports), but rest […]

Why the Most Successful People Keep an Idea Journal (and Why You Should, Too)

1. It Helps You Remember and Develop Ideas Leonardo da Vinci may not have kept an idea journal strictly speaking, but he did fill hundreds of pages with sketches, scientific diagrams, ideas for new inventions, and reflections on art. These pages were bound together as books after his death. To make his writings even more […]

My Team Reviews 1,000 Resumes a Year and These Are the People Who Stand Out

Do: Show Off Your Work in a Portfolio Why not take a cue from designers and architects and display your accomplishments in a portfolio? Even if you don’t work in one of those two fields, you can still showcase a recent project in a visually interesting way. For example, I recently interviewed a digital marketer […]

4 Lies You Tell Yourself to Avoid Setting Up Informational Interviews

1. “I’m Not Ready Yet” You’ve heard that you should treat every professional meeting like an interview when you’re job hunting. And so, before you reach out to any of your contacts, you plan to be as prepared as you would be when meeting with a hiring manager. However, if you connect with others simply […]

Turning an Internship to a full time Job

  Landing the internship may also not be a walk in the park though. Things to consider  the following: 1.  Go for the right/relevant internship Sometimes job desperation makes us grab anything. However to make the most of an internship, it is wise to get one which fits into your background and future career ambitions. […]

11 Life Lessons Every Professional Should Know (Before It’s Too Late)

1. Be an Outstanding Communicator Lots of people are smart. If you made it into a career you love, chances are you’re smart, too. Being intelligent isn’t enough. Your ability to communicate is a massive factor in your career success. The top people in a company are rarely just the smartest—they also know how to […]

This Is What the Best Candidates I Ever Interviewed Had in Common

1. They Made it Clear Why They Fit the Organization It’s fair to think of an interview like a test. After all, someone’s asking you questions and judging you based on your answers. However, this mindset will backfire. That’s because you ace a test by studying up and giving the right answers. But the “perfect” […]

43 Simple Habits That’ll Improve Your Life (Even if You Just Pick One)

1. Do the Gratitude Snooze The key to happiness is to appreciate what you already have (or so I say). So, instead of hitting the snooze button and going back to sleep, spend the first few minutes of your day expressing gratitude. Think about all the blessings in your life, big and small, that you […]

The Truth You Have to Face if Your Resume Isn’t Generating Interviews

This may be hard to read, especially if you’re in the middle of a long and tiring job search, but—steel yourself—you may need to start from step one on your resume with a blank document (gulp), or an empty template (gasp). Look, I know starting from scratch can really stink. My motivation took a huge […]

How to prepared the Night Before The Interview Day

This evening should be a fairly relaxed one since most of the ground work has already been done a few days to the interview. This includes: 1.  Get your clothes in order This sounds quite basic but could be the deal breaker if not done well. Ensure you have your outfit well cleaned and ironed […]

What to Do if Your Work No Longer Excites You

Stay if: You’re Coasting The truth is, you could do your work in half the time—and with your eyes closed. If the assignments that used to challenge you now seem like rote errands, then you’re sleep-working. Sure, you can do your job really well (maybe because you’ve been in it long enough to develop superb […]

Event: Leverage Your Career

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Do you know that there are some simple moves/changes you can make and Maxizimise your Career and have the best of it? Join us on Friday 28th April 2017 for the Event: Leverage Your Career For 2017 from 5:30pm – 8:00 pm. Venue: San Valencia Board Room, Anniversary Towers […]

4 Ways to Make Achieving Impressive Money Goals Feel Easy

1. If You Can’t Stick to a Strict Budget There’s no doubt that tracking expenses—from entertainment to food and transportation—can be tedious. If you’re struggling, focus on just three numbers for a while: what you earn, spend, and have left over. Make sure the first is higher than the second, and the third goes toward […]

4 Small Talk Tips That’ll Instantly Make Your Interviewer Like You More

1. Skip the Clichés Friendly chats about the weather are easy to lean on. However, I think we can all agree that they aren’t very impactful or memorable. I can’t imagine many hiring managers vouching for a candidate by saying, “Hey, how about the guy that complained about how rainy it’s been? I thought he […]

5 Skills You Can Use to Transfer Into a Sales Career (That You Probably Already Have)

1. Social Awareness This shouldn’t be surprising, but the best sales people are social, amicable, and likable—basically, they’re great communicators and conversationalists. But social awareness isn’t just about what you say, it’s about empathy, good listening skills, and an understanding of when not to talk. “The best sales people are those who can relate to […]

In Defense of Working 60+ Hours a Week

As I’m writing this very article, it’s 9:30 PM on a Thursday. I’ve already put in at least a solid 11 hours of work today and—in all honesty—I still feel like I’m going pretty strong. I have another full day on the schedule for tomorrow, and will likely spend several more hours working over the […]

4 Things People Who Truly Enjoy Their Work Do Differently

1. They Don’t Seek Perfection Although this may come as a shock—especially while scrolling through your social media feeds and seeing all those people bragging about their dream jobs—fulfillment is in large part about attitude. No one has a “perfect” work situation. If you were to take a peek behind the scenes of someone who […]

The 5 Things All Inclusive Leaders Do Every Single Day

1. Recognize Your Unconscious Bias—and Be Humble About It It’s impossible to understand all of the values, beliefs, norms and rituals that are important to every person at work. But work to understand your own unconscious bia about what you assume about others. Notice, for, example, what assumptions get made about who should take notes […]

Here’s What Hiring Managers Really Think When They Stalk You Online

Google Results Can Make or Break Your Chance of Being Hired Think that the hilarious Quora topics you write about in jest late at night or your recent comment on a news article doesn’t matter? Think again, because your activity might be archived on the web, showing up when a recruiter or hiring manager pops […]

3 Excuses You Make for Not Getting Enough Sleep (and Why They’re All Wrong)

1. “I Don’t Get Tired Until Late” I’m a night owl, not necessarily because I’m more productive late at night, but because my college years forever trained my body that midnight is “just too early” to go to bed. So, I’ll spend those early AM hours cleaning my apartment, or meal-prepping, or doing any little […]

3 Cover Letter Tips for People Who Haven’t Written One in Forever

1. Remember “Out With the Old, In With the New” If you still have that old cover letter, floating around in a now defunct Hotmail or AOL account, you may be tempted to use it as a building block. And it’s OK to review that letter (perhaps with a cocktail nearby)—as a study in what […]

The Honest Truth on Lying About Your Salary in Interviews

“What’s your current salary?” This question’s frequently a field on job applications, and it’s asked by recruiters and hiring managers alike. If you’ve ever applied for a position, you’ve come across it. And unlike other inquiries that allow room for interpretation, this is one that can only be answered factually, right? Technically, yes. This isn’t […]

4 Challenges You’ll Face as the Least-Experienced Member of the Team

1. Challenge: You Have Imposter Syndrome When you learn co-workers have a lot more experience than you, your first thought might be, “OMG they made a huge mistake hiring me.” But, unless you lied on your resume (in which case, yes, it was a huge mistake), your new employer knows you’re new to this kind […]